Roof framing: Pricing factors

In the case of rough weather, often the most affected is the roof of houses with broken tiles, damaged, detached, causing leaks and seepage. But also with time, tiles become porous and framing suffers. Damage and leaks that we had not noticed until then, come to light when you arrive in the times of the harshest year!

What damages your roof? What is the price of roofing repairs? What is the price of a repair or change of tiles?

Your roof should be repaired quickly, because if one of those components which if does not ensure its role, it may cause damage to the other!

Price of repairing the roofing

Of course, the roof is not always visible. But it remains present every day, above your heads! In the case of damage, without regular monitoring from the outside and a small regular visit in the attic, you might miss it.

Nothing worse than finding yourself in the middle weekend leaks in the house, because you had not noticed that the seal was harmed! Unless you are hosting new inhabitants, it is a little disturbing, but particularly harmful, because of termites.

Generally, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to regularly monitor the roof yourself for easily accessible and visible areas and by a professional if the dwelling has multiple floors or your physical condition and the equipment you have will not let you have secure access to the roof.

What are the average prices of roof repairs and renovations?

In all cases, it is necessary to make calculations of costs that are specific to your situation and the condition of your roof and your frame. Only an examination of your home, the condition of the roof and damage may allow an assessment of the price of the work to be undertaken.

For example, the number of tiles will change, the unit price will be high.

According to repair Average prices including installation
Renovating Insulation 15-50 euros per m2
termite treatment 1,500 to 3,000 euros
renovation Carpenter 10,000 to 20,000 euros

The replacement of the tiles

Replace the broken tiles, it must be done quickly. Indeed, the absence of protective tiles can cause extensive damage to the roof covering, insulation and even its structure. This type of renovation is often considered small works but requires significant safety equipments.

The renovation of roof insulation

In the case of infiltration or presence of pests such as rodents, insulating implemented could suffer quite significant damage. It is possible that it is moist and does not protect your home from the cold as it should.

As the years passes a checking of thermal insulation should also be done.

Professionals often conduct the removal of the old insulation and replace it with a new one.

The treatment of harmful creatures

Difficult to live with rodents or termites in the roof!

Not only is it dangerous for the structure of the frame but it can also endanger your health! No question to ask, disinfectant and pest control must take place and your frame must be reinforced if parts have become fragile due to insect attack.

The renovation of the frame

When it is necessary to renovate the frame of a house, the work is consistent. We can consider that the costs are almost the same as for a new structure. We must provide for the renovation period to avoid the rain when the roof is bare and the interior of the house is not protected.

We strongly advise you not to delay to make contact with professionals, if you find a damaged item on your roof or infiltration. The cost of repairs can literally fly away if you postpone necessary repairs, and even reach tens thousands of Euros!

The situation can become difficult: personal belongings damaged, mold, heating consumption increased to fill the leaks and so many inconveniences that are best avoided!


The renovation of low-cost roofing

Good insulation, good sealing, and good roofing is few of the specific important things for a healthy habitat, comfortable and for savings, whether in energy or for the portfolio. Verify their effectiveness and practice, as appropriate, their replacement, often demands substantial budgets. So what are the solutions at a lower cost?

Knowing that heat loss of habitat, at 20 to 25%, is through the roof, there is no doubt that it is possible as it is necessary to renovate the roof, including insulation if it has more than 15 years. The tightness and coverage are not less important because they lead to problems such as leaks, infiltration, moisture, etc.

The average price of a renovation of the insulation is between 10 and 15 EUR per m ², laying new tiles 55 EUR per m ². Faced with such prices, ways to lower the price exist:


The energy saving policy of habitats helps households to achieve cost recovery by 2 separate devices:

– Eco-Ready zero rates are used by professionals to meet the supply and installation, different materials, and equipments are used on the energy improvement of housing. The insulation must be performed against the entire surface and on at least two levels of work, up to a maximum of EUR 20,000 plus EUR 30,000 in on 3 levels:

– The floor of lost roofs

– The rake of attics

– Roof terrace

– Sustainable development tax credit is used to obtain a tax credit of 15% plus 23% if parallel work is carried out. However, this device requires that the insulation has different performance characteristics and imposes a ceiling of EUR 150 per m ² tariff work.

* Households whose income is below EUR 30,000 annual  may involve 2 devices.

The tightness and coverage

Financial aid for waterproofing and coverage are more complicated to find. However, there are some solutions:

– Common for aesthetics, at the particular tiles

– OPAHs (habitat improvement programs) for the repair of old roofs (for over 15 years).

– ANAH (National Housing Agency) for the renovation of roofs. They support: replacement and strengthening of structures, repair or recovery coverage including the roof terrace with sealing problems, frame and the cover subject of an existing roof insulation or lost roofs.

Grants usually range from 10,000 to EUR 25,000 depending on the number of people of the home and the work required to fund between 20 and 70%.

Help ANAH imposes a revenue cap: household of 4 people = EUR 37,336 annual maximum. The budgets are offered locally.

The other assistive devices

-This work must be done by a professional to replace tiles, repair of sealing of a roof deck or in the case of internal insulation of a suspended ceiling.

– The communities, communities of municipalities, and regional councils can also provide aid that may be added to other roofing devices mentioned.

* For more information on your claims to these aids, contact the Energy Info closest to home.

* All work must be done by professionals to qualify for these various aids.


Find the very best recommendations for your work

Have you checked your roof from the outside? It is the roofing system of a home that we cannot disregard to clean and preserve. Yet a roof in bad condition can seriously harm the structure, thermal insulation, but also the ceilings of rooms in the home.  We learned the hard way when we hired our Greenville South Carolina house painters.  Getting a professional estimate is the most important thing you can do for something as integral as your roof.

What element screen on its roofing system? How to prevent water seepage? What is the cost of a roofing maintenance? Exactly what is the cost of a defoaming the roof? Who comes to clean up the roofings? What if roofing damage? What if the tiles are broken? How to change tiles?

And if we frequently forget the roofing and tiles, it is not for lack of desire, but often by negligence. Inspect your roofing and understand how to identify the damage!

Does your roofing system show any signs of flaw or elements to change?

Your days are full and when you come home in the evening or weekends, there is constantly something to do. That’s the same for everybody; we have lists of things to do, like checking the roofing system and maintain it. With the warm weather approaching, it might work to book now the services of a professional, prior to the defects of the roof become an issue.

Until the day when tiles are broken by a violent storm and hail and water seeps, foam covers the tiles, the roofing has ended up being filthy with pollution, mushrooms etc. gutters are obstructed with foams that come off of the roofing system, and rainwater overflows, you notice wetness on the ceiling and find seepage by visiting the attic, termites make their home in your address and decide to undermine the structure of the frame!

This situation generates stress and anxiety; after all, it’s your roofing that protects you! So take the lead, remain calm, and maintain your roofing.

Take a step back once a year; take an extensive look at your roof. Do you see damaged tiles? Clusters of leaves? Foam? If something bothers you and does not seem consistent with your memories, do not hesitate to call a roofing contractor to get to the bottom of it. It would be a shame to miss out on a severe technical problem (like water ingress in the insulation).

The rainwater drains should be checked every year. You should check that the rain gutters are not obstructed, there is no leakage and clean as they can be filled with leaves, moss and other little pieces of wood brought by birds and the wind. There are options to limit clogging due to gutters by birds.

Sold commercially, however, it takes a pretty high step stool or ladder to install them: they are gutter guards, grilles by greens. It keeps leaves and other small debris. You should, nevertheless, frequently clean them, since if they prevent the waste from within the circulation of water, they are not self-cleaning.

Remember to go to your home and check the downspouts, the appearances and the holes in your seamless gutters.

If you have roof windows, make certain that the leaves are not trapped in the grooves to prevent damage to the joints and insulation of your openings.

Depending on your protection, a number of alternatives are offered to you. You have:

A roofing system balcony: Clean it a number of times in the year or surround yourself with greenery if it is a green roof balcony.

A sloping roof: roofing system tiles, shingles, slate, metal, concrete, stone, and routined upkeep. It should be defoamed and damaged items should be replaced frequently. Note that zinc hedges do not need to be kept.

What is the rate of defoaming and maintaining the roofing system and tiles?

The average cost naturally differs depending on the media (tile, slate, green roofing system) but in general, it takes in between 450 and 1,000 Euros usually for a tile roof cleaning. Consider cleaning your tiles a minimum of every 8 years or 10 years depending on sun exposure and the geographical area.

The rate for cleaning up a slate roof is more than 1,000 Euros.

Ways to clean a tile roofing system?

Cleaning the tiles might be essential if they are covered with foam or lichen. In fact, the foam keeps the water not leaving streams and stagnates on your tiles. This can make them permeable and promote seepage!

You can call a roofing contractor for cleaning and maintenance of your roof or do it yourself.

You can do it with a stiff brush and water, and then wash with clear water. Keep in mind to get rid of large pieces of foam and shop them in a bucket close by for they are not washed away in the gutters and trigger jams.

The other option is to utilize a pressure washer from top to bottom of your roof. Be careful though due to the fragility of the tiles, which can be worn down by this treatment and retain more dirt.

You can finish the cleaning by spraying an anti-foaming algaecide or delaying future installation of moss or lichen if your roof has actually found its colors of old.

Namely, that you ought to never utilize bleach to clean up the tiles, they might end up being permeable, vulnerable and lose their color.

The perfect is still to employ a pro for the upkeep of tiles. This one is familiar with the roofing product, will know precisely what item or what type of treatment applied to your roof to restore its luster.

Examine the attic

The attics are not left out, considering that it is necessary to go there at least once a year to validate that there are no leakages, water infiltration in the roof and the insulation you have placed the remains dry.

It is possible while maintaining the roofing system of your home is low and your roof is flat or very slightly skewed and your tiles are flat (it is hard to stand long on tiles channel). Mishaps often occur stupidly. Each year, firemen involved on roofing system fall. In the best case, it’s a broken limb, however, it can cause paralysis or death.

Contacting a professional is needed if your home is steep and has one or more floors. Similarly, if you are not comfortable with ladders and other ladders, make a request for a quote on the upkeep of your roofing system rather than run the risk of a fall.

Safety guidelines need pricey equipment, suitable for major and little maintenance of the roof.


Repair work or redo your roofing: how to select?

Small roof repairs or complete modification of protection, making the decision is crucial.

Motorized roofing provides a danger and needs to satisfy several technical requirements to guarantee the sustainability of the roof. Beyond two or three tiles available, or in the case of zinc, the intervention of a professional is essential. For a current build, you’ll have no trouble in discovering the same hedging items. However with old roofing, the issue thickens.

Option 1: fixing the roofing without error

How not to alter the roofing system? For terracotta tiles, 2 options:

1) Browse similar healing tiles, however, flawless. This is not always the best choice. You will not always have reputable information on their origin, quality, and above all, you will not have any guarantee of sustainability. Put north side, for example, they might not last long in the gel.

2) Buy the brand-new tiles. Some flat tiles, diamond-shaped or channel imitate damage due to the passage of time, in all colors and sizes, you can possibly imagine. The ideal is a mix of brand-new tiles ‘aged’ and older.

For mechanical tiles (catch), however, replicas are less convincing. Better to change a whole section of roof.

For natural slate, the opportunity is possible, however, if it is a hyper resistant product (some recommend 100 years of life), it is likewise among the most vulnerable.

For zinc, take just the brand-new. Today, its surface area is available in several colors and finishes, basically brilliant, to get preferred appearance aged or colored.

Option 2: Modification Cover

Embark on such a task, pricey, is a delicate decision that should have a thoughtful approach. What are the important things to check prior to anything else?

– Please examine the frame by an expert to ensure its strength and sustainability of the brand-new cover. And for how much weight it can support. For flat tiles, count from 60 to 65 kg per m2. The tiles channel: 40 to 45 kg per m2.

 Slate: about 25 kg per m2.

Zinc: about 7 kg per m2.

– Discover the regional requirements in the town hall to make sure there is no obligation in terms of looks (color, shape, size). The option of protection ought to also take into account the local environment (wind speed, the frequency of rain or snow, and so on).

– Keep in mind the slope of the roofing system to decide the appropriate coverage.

– Inspect the efficiency of ventilation to undertake the needed modifications. Make economies of scale in undertaking this kind of work parallel to roofing system repairs.

Change of coverage, this is the best chance to:

  1. Include a sub-roof screen. The under roof screen HPV (extremely permeable to water vapor) contributes to waterproof your roofing system to air and water while permitting water vapor to leave. It minimizes the phenomena of pressure-depression of the roofing, responsible for skyrocketing tiles during storms, enabling tile setup on lower slopes. Lastly, it avoids the penetration of powder snow, dust, pollen. The best ways to choose the screen- All of it depends on the frame, the spacing of the rafters, the type of protection, however likewise the existence or absence of attics.

Just an expert can assess the feasibility of the operation. Select a quality item and thick enough, due to the fact that it is made to last. As soon as it’s set up, the screen is exposed to the threat of aging, first because of UV rays (before laying the cover), and severe heat under the blanket in summer season (they can go beyond 80°C). Some membranes are offered with a metalized surface area and thus reject a part of the heat of summer, while reducing energy losses in the winter season and by letting out the vapor of water.

  1. Install skylights. The quality of roofing system windows (good thermal and acoustic efficiency) provides a substantial contribution in the solar attic. Peripheral connections should be perfectly carried out to make sure reliable sealing and thermal insulation. Today there are designs appropriate for noted structures, metal or wood.
  2. Choosing green roofing. It can be installed on flat roofing system or sloped, whatever its size. It supplies excellent heat and sound insulation. If all the requirements for installation are met, the professional must inspect. In northern France, the green roofing will be lighter than in the South normally. Heavy rains feed the plants, so the sprinkler system is less intricate. Due to the fact that it is permeable to water vapor, it will provide a high-performance waterproofing membrane. The attic, itself, will have an efficient and adjustable ventilation to avoid condensation. Last idea: pick a system whose plants are fully grown setup.
  3. Install photovoltaic tiles: More visual however more costly than big panels, the photovoltaic tiles (actually, small stackable panels) adjust well to slate or terracotta blankets. The tightness of the roofing must be ensured and there should be good roofing system ventilation, since the panels prevent it from getting too hot. This overheating is damaging to the performance of the photovoltaic panel. For a zinc cover, incorporated panels are precise, because contact between different metals triggers accelerated oxidation. Better get in touch with a roofing professional and choose products that got a technical viewpoint (released by the CSTB).

The regulation sets the minimum slope for each type of tile, and the conditions of employment according to the wind aspect and the concurrent (synchronized action) wind-rain. A professional roofer ought to install the cover according to rigorous rules. Slate and zinc are naturally resistant to frost. However do not install zinc in wet weather condition. At present, terracotta tiles are created to withstand frost (according to standardized tests). However, for extreme cases, there are models “NC Mountain climate.”

False or true slate?

Natural slate, from a shale rock, offers a practically unrestricted life, but rather expensive. Slate fiber cement is frequently utilized at lower expense; however, beware of the possibility of discoloration with time. Colored terracotta items in the mass may also be puzzled with lasting slate, however without reaching finesse. For that reason it is essential to choose to take into account the cost of the realization of its appearance and its resilience.

Ways to prevent the roofing from overgrowing with moss?

Foams are thick greenery that avoids water flow generally and promote seepage. The green pigmentation to take that gray tiles is discussed mainly by the existence of algae or lichens. The expansion of these unfavorable items depends on the environment (humidity), direct exposure (particularly north), dominating winds and even the pollution in the air (nitrates). A slightly compacted snow can be separated naturally. Another, less random, is a yearly upkeep which involves spraying a suitable product, the least hazardous possible.

After repair, what to do to secure its roof?

Examine it routinely and step in quickly: cracked tiles, loose or taken down; harmed vane; flickering antenna; blocked gutters; tree branches or bothersome vines; deteriorated fireplace, and so on. Examine ridges and specifically the seals mortar (because of the danger of seepage). The ventilation of the roof should be made in good conditions (not wet attic).


Roofing restoration: little repair or major work?

Exactly what are the various kinds of roof renovations? How to estimate the cost of doing the roofing? It is a huge or small repair? There are ways to detect malfunctions of your roofing system and resolve sealing issues. We offer a post about the different kinds of roofing renovation work to be carried out according to your roofing system issues.

The roofing plays a crucial function in securing your house and should go through regular maintenance. Weather conditions, the sunshine or natural erosion of products interfere with the sealing of your roofing; it can end up being permeable. To restore its efficiency, your roofing system needs a higher depth cleaning or remodeling?

Even if you are not an expert roofing contractor, you can quickly find the signs of roofing in need of repair. Besides, if your home was built 5 years ago or more, it is suggested to perform a yearly evaluation of the roofing.

To examine the condition of your roofing, you will examine 2 distinct aspects:

  1. The condition of the roofing system
  2. The status of the frame

Assess the condition of a framework

To check the status of your frame, it is best to call a professional to attain a thorough medical diagnosis. If needed, he will be able to notify you of the status of your frame and will advocate the specific actions.

Nevertheless, you can at first, perform an initial check by yourself. To do this, look within and outside the home. Undoubtedly, the state of your external roofing system can impact your frame if the tiles are harmed, if broken slates are threat to your safety then the impact on the frame is more vital. Inside, examine that there is no presence of bugs, such as termites. It might be a sign of the existence of pests if you see the existence of wood sawdust. Keep in mind to check the status of numerous beams: do they need a specific treatment? The structures in bad condition are recognized by the condition of the wood that may have cracks or loose at more locations.

Processing the frame

A wood frame needs to be treated every year for reliable defense. According to the medical diagnosis, a number of options are possible to secure and strengthen your frame:

  1. If you have found traces of moisture, a water repellent treatment
  2. A fungicide treatment against wood-destroying fungi or insect damage

The replacement of particular parts of your roof’s skeletal system that exhibits indications of wear

  1. If the diagnosis is made and your frame is assaulted by bugs, think about two processing options:
  2. The spray, which is just booked for the treatment of lower surface areas 80 cm ²
  3. The injection, which includes placing the treatment material directly inside the wood

You can erase them by scraping or merely sanding wood if you hear of roofing leak issues and your structure has actually suffered damage due to moisture. Then make certain that the area is well ventilated and that you have the needed security prior to starting treatment.

After diagnosis, your frame may require a particular treatment.

Details on the treatment frame

To avoid costly repairs, we advise that you perform a regular evaluation of your frame. The frequency will be identified by the construction of your house and also by weather conditions: if you have had an episode of aggressive weather, make certain that your roofing system has not suffered considerable damage.

Examine the condition of roofing

When it comes to the frame, routinely inspect the condition of your roofing of your house. You can evaluate the condition of your roofing system from a point of height using a set of binoculars for instance or you may decide to go directly to the roofing system utilizing a ladder. Attention to your security, remember to equip yourself and wear suitable footwear for assessment. Also, do not perform evaluation straight on the roof if it is slippery from rain or cold or if it simply had excessive damage following bad weather that impacts its stability.

Ideas on ways to respond in case of bad weather condition

During the inspection, try to find missing tiles, because a few of them may have been displaced, broken or damaged.

Increase the frequency of controls if you live in an old house or if your house is in a location that is especially exposed to weather or cold.

From these regular checks, you can quickly identify things that need light repair work.

Roof repair work

If you have identified the broken tiles, change them rapidly to make sure proper sealing of your roofing and to prevent issues of water infiltration.

After making sure that you have the needed safety devices for work, climb on the roof and rest on a flat surface, to assist you to disperse your weight while preserving neighboring tiles.

Utilizing shims lift the tiles that are above and gently eliminate the damaged tile, prior to changing it.

How to change a busted tile

Roof Cleaning

We suggest performing a little cleaning of your roof every year: the very best time to do this is December (if the weather condition complies) due to the fact that all the leaves have already fallen.

Carry out cleaning using a low-pressure spray (to prevent damage to your tiles) and a vacuum-blower to eliminate moss and lichens however likewise to clear the rain gutters. Take the opportunity to use an anti-foam item with a sprayer to sustainably safeguard your roofing system. A week after using the item, you will need a clear water rinse with a low-pressure jet.

Structural restoration

We encourage you to change your frame every 20 – 30 years. If the structure is well maintained, you are not always required to change as long as the latter does not present issues. The structural restoration task is to entrust a roofing professional who will direct you to the best choice of renovation. Undoubtedly, an old structure has certain characteristics and cannot be brought back with contemporary techniques.

Think about sanding that will revive their radiance if you have a job to let your exposed beams frame but you discover dull and unsightly.

If the wood is consumed or harmed, remodeling of the options is various depending on the severity of the damage:

  • Eliminate harmed locations by sanding,
  • Complete metal strapping of the area to be treated,
  • Completely replace the piece of wood.

Bear in mind that a renovation of the structure is possible: it is not constantly needed to redo a complete frame.

If the frame is in too bad condition, you ought to get in touch with an expert for its renovation.

Roofing system renovation

When your roofing suffered major damage and no more secures your house, it is important to renovate. The top priority is then to ensure its tightness and its capability to secure you from cold and heat.

This is the time to bring the enhancements as the setup of a sub-roof screen, enhanced thermal insulation or the setup of photo voltaic tiles.

In all cases, it is better to hire with a professional who will offer you the answer for your needs and your house.